True Horizon Real Estate, LLC is managed by the principal Mike Evans.For more than 20 years Mike and his family have purchased, sold, developed, leased and managed millions of dollars of real estate in Nebraska and across the Midwest. In addition to real estate, Mike has started, developed and managed everything from small a businesses to a multimillion dollar corporate marketing department.

Growing up in Omaha and Central Nebraska provided Mike the foundation of ethics, hard work and the importance of build lasting relationships. Attending UNL furthered the his connection and understanding of the state.Lastly Mike has owned, managed and started companies and properties in both Omaha and Lincoln strengthening his knowledge of the state, it assets, the great people and opportunities Nebraska offers.

Mike’s involvement in investing, developing, leasing, selling properties and running businesses provides his customer one on one knowledge and experience to make the right decision. Uniquely, Mike’s real estate experience covers commercial, residential, agricultural, recreational properties and mineral interest.

The Three Missions at True Horizon Real Estate are

  1. Making Great Decisions for Our Customers
  2. Being the Most Ethical Real Estate Company
  3. Creating & Enhancing Lasting Relationships